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London's January air quality 'best in 10 years'
17 January 2018 - London's air quality is within legal limits in mid-January for the first time in 10 years, City Hall has said. Mayor Sadiq Khan attributes the cleaner air in part to the introduction of Low Emission Bus Zones and the T-Charge for dirtier cars in central London. (more)

Singing 'speeds up' recovery from post-natal depression
16 January 2018 - Singing could help mothers recover from post-natal depression more quickly, a study suggests. The study, published in the British Journal of Psychiatry, looked at 134 mothers with post-natal depression. Early recovery is seen to be crucial to limit effects on mother and baby. Previous studies have indicated singing can help improve the mental health of older people and those with dementia, but this is the first controlled study of its effect on post-natal depression. (more)

Time with grandparents may impact how kids view the elderly
11 January 2018 - Children and teens who spend a lot of time with their grandparents may be less likely than peers who don't to have negative and stereotypical ideas about the elderly, a recent study suggests. Researchers in Belgium asked 1,151 youth ranging in age from 7 to 16 years about the time they spent with grandparents as well as their opinions about aging and the elderly. Growing evidence also suggests that contact between grandchildren and grandparents can be good for both, said Dominic Abrams, a psychology researcher at the University of Kent, in the UK. 'More time that is enjoyable and positive really makes the biggest difference. I think there are several ways that this works,' Abrams, who wasn't involved in the study, said by email. (more)

Plastic microbeads ban enters force in UK
9 January 2018 - Plastic microbeads can no longer be used in cosmetics and personal care products in the UK, after a long-promised ban came into effect on Tuesday. The ban initially bars the manufacture of such products and a ban on sales will follow in July. Pressure is now mounting for action on plastic bottles. (more)

Apple investors urge action to curb child gadget addiction
8 January 2018 - Two major Apple investors have urged the iPhone maker to take action to curb growing smartphone addiction among children, highlighting growing concern about the effects of gadgets and social media on youngsters. New York-based Jana Partners LLC and the California State Teachers' Retirement System, or CalSTRS, said Monday [8 January] in open letter to Apple that the company must offer more choices and tools to help children fight addiction to its devices. 'Apple can play a defining role in signaling to the industry that paying special attention to the health and development of the next generation is both good business and the right thing to do,' the letter said. (more)

Regulations proposed to end use of asbestos in Canada
8 January 2018 - Activists in Sarnia, a city in Southwestern Ontario, Canada, deserve much of the credit for the federal government's long-awaited move to ban asbestos and asbestos-containing products in Canada, says a veteran workplace health researcher. 'This is something so long overdue, it's not funny,' researcher Jim Brophy said about proposed regulations Science Minister Kirsty Duncan and other federal cabinet ministers announced recently to meet the government's promise to enact a ban by 2018. (more)

Twice-weekly workouts may be best medicine for cognitive decline
5 January 2018 - There's little evidence that medications improve mild cognitive decline associated with aging, according to a new review of research, but doctors can recommend exercise with confidence. (more)

India: Here's why you should buy organic food
4 January 2018 - The demand for organic foods began with fruits and vegetables when there were reports of pesticide residues in them. However, the popularity of organic foods has now extended to food grains, pulses, tea, spices, and even oilseeds. ... Now, the Food Safety Standards and Authority of India (FSSAI) has launched the Food Safety and Standards (Organic Foods) Regulations 2017 along with the unified logo for organic food products, supported with the tagline 'Jaivik Bharat.' (more)

US: The cancer death rate has dropped again
4 January 2018 - The nation's overall cancer death rate declined 1.7 per cent in 2015, the latest indication of steady, long-term progress against the disease, according to a new report by the American Cancer Society. Over nearly a quarter-century, the mortality rate has fallen 26 per cent, resulting in almost 2.4 million fewer deaths than if peak rates had continued. Cancer Statistics 2018, the organization's annual look at incidence, mortality, and survival, tracks the decades-long decline in mortality as driven largely by falling death rates among four malignancies -- lung, breast, prostate, and colorectal cancer. Ahmedin Jemal, the group's vice president for surveillance and health services research, said the decreases largely reflect reduced smoking and advances in prevention, early detection, and treatment. (more)

Katowice, Poland: A European coal capital goes green
3 January 2018 - Nowhere in the EU is smog more suffocating than in southern Poland. This year, the polluted Polish mining city Katowice will host the COP24 climate conference. Ahead of that, change is in the air -- and on the ground. The city is changing at a rapid pace. It is becoming greener and more sustainable -- in some surprising ways. (more)

Success of Maharishi's Programmes
10 Short Summaries of Top Stories

Mind over Ageing: 10 Steps to living a longer, healthier, happier life
16 January 2018 - 'Health and ageing are due to interconnections among our mind, body, and environment,' says Robert Schneider, MD, FACC. This is a core principle of Maharishi AyurVeda, the ancient science of natural health care revived by Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, Founder of the Transcendental Meditation programme. Dr Schneider, Dean of the College of Integrative Medicine and Director of the Institute for Natural Medicine and Prevention at Maharishi University of Management, in Iowa, USA, explains that the science of longevity in traditional Ayurveda is known as Rasayana or rejuvenation. To help mitigate the stresses of daily life and optimize successful ageing, Dr Schneider has distilled 10 Behavioural Rasayanas from the classical texts of Ayurveda, also showing how modern medical science confirms these ancient principles. He is currently writing his second book, Super Aging, from which this article series is selected. (more)

Extinguishing stress in women firefighters
11 January 2018 - The Canadian Women's Wellness Initiative (CWWI) - the women's wing of the Transcendental Meditation organization in Canada - serves women whose jobs, health, and lives are at risk due to chronic and acutely high levels of stress in their professions, including firefighters, police, first responders, and nurses. When the Canadian Association of Fire Chiefs and the International Association of Fire Fighters launched a mental wellness initiative, many women firefighters in Vancouver learned TM through CWWI, and soon found very clear benefits. 'I have been practising TM for six months now and I am feeling less stress, less anxious, and far less annoyed by the frustrations in day to day life,' reported a fire department captain with 17 years experience. 'I think anyone in the first responders field would benefit from learning and practising Transcendental Meditation.' (more)

Transcendental Meditation courses for women: 2017 achievements
4 January 2018 - Transcendental Meditation for Women reports on continuing growth of its many courses and programmes offered for women in 2017. TM for Women teaches students as well as women in all careers and phases of life, individually. They are also active in bringing the TM course to communities and organizations of women. Through the efforts of TM for Women, nurses, social workers, nurse midwives, massage therapists and others can receive professional continuing education credit when they learn the TM technique. The organization has also continued to focus on bringing relief to women who have suffered trauma. (more)

Strength in Stillness: The Power of Transcendental Meditation - New book to launch in New York City, 6 February
31 December 2017 - A new book - Strength in Stillness: The Power of Transcendental Meditation - will be launched on 6 February 2018 in New York City. The book addresses the growing epidemic of stress that is damaging our physical and emotional health at younger and younger ages. While there is no one single cure, there is a simple practice with scientifically proven benefits that dramatically changes how we respond to stress and life's challenges: the Transcendental Meditation technique. Strength in Stillness is a simple, practical, and straightforward guide to meditation from Bob Roth, a world authority on Transcendental Meditation who has spent 45 years helping people access their innate creativity and power with TM, having personally taught students ranging from Fortune 100 CEOs to Oprah Winfrey, from war-scarred veterans to inner-city youth. (more)

When Transcendental Meditation is added to cardiac rehabilitation: 'that's most effective for recovery'
29 December 2017 - Transcendental Meditation has been shown to increase blood flow in the hearts of subjects recovering from a heart attack, according to a pilot study led by Robert Schneider, MD, dean of Maharishi University of Management's College of Integrative Medicine. The study was conducted in collaboration with Columbia Presbyterian Hospital in New York. Dr Schneider presented the results recently at the annual meeting of the American Heart Association in Anaheim, California. 'Decreased blood flow to the heart is the main problem in a heart attack, so rehabilitation focuses on increasing that flow,' Dr. Schneider said. 'We showed that when Transcendental Meditation is added to cardiac rehabilitation, that's most effective for recovery.' (more)

Transcendental Meditation for Women offers perspective on 2017
27 December 2017 - TIME magazine highlighted, by their recent 'Person of the Year' cover story, American women's innate right to protect their health, well-being, livelihood, independence and safety. The Transcendental Meditation technique gives profound, scientifically validated psychological, emotional and physical benefits to women and girls who have experienced any kind of trauma. The single most important benefit of TM is that it provides every woman with the direct experience of who she is within - invincible, infinite and absolute, that cannot be lost or diminished by any kind of stress, anxiety or trauma. We have that unity and wholeness within, and only need to take recourse to it for it to be enlivened as a permanent feature of our daily life. This is the great value of the TM programme for women everywhere. (more)

'My dependency was getting completely out of control - then everything changed'
22 December 2017 - Without a clear tool for managing workplace stress, employees and executives are left to self-medicate, which can lead to another major problem: addiction. For Jeremy Williams, a social media content creator, starting a successful business came with unprecedented stress levels. After habitually smoking marijuana for years as a way to cope, 'the Transcendental Meditation technique completely changed the way I manage stress,' he says. Studies have found that TM has a positive impact on both stress and substance abuse. 'I noticed a lot of things were changing in my life,' Jeremy says, 'and [TM] guided me on some of my most creative work.' With revenues up 50%, 'things are looking good now that I'm more aware of the ebbs and flows of life, and I owe a lot of that to the TM technique.' (more)

Alexis Parnell, Certified Health Coach: Some time for yourself with Transcendental Meditation
19 December 2017 - As a Certified Health Coach, Alexis Parnell is passionate about empowering women in mind, body, and spirit. A veteran, registered nurse and former family nurse practitioner, her career evolved into advising clients on holistic health solutions, including Transcendental Meditation. She says, 'Doing TM is where I ''show up'' for myself, and as women I don't think we do that enough.' Acknowledging the hard and stressful work involved in nursing, she says, 'that extra rest 20 minutes in the morning and in the evening when you get off your shift - I really believe TM helps to bring the person back into balance.' (more)

Diminishing grief and trauma: An interview on Transcendental Meditation and psychotherapy
11 December 2017 - 'Transcendental Meditation centres and calms the nervous system, which is a key player in the trauma response,' says Debbie Augenthaler, a New York City psychotherapist who specializes in trauma, grief, and loss. She highlights several benefits of TM - 'peace, emotional balance, and flexibility - [that] are essential for a calm nervous system,' explaining some of the many ways in which TM helps people heal and move forward in their lives. 'Regular TM practice develops a capacity for increased resilience, faster recovery from stress, and helps to manage and reduce anxiety. TM also reduces insomnia and can help practitioners get more restful and rejuvenating sleep. . . . I consider my TM practice to be the foundation of my self-care.' (more)

Learning to keep calm and carry on with Transcendental Meditation: Austin American-Statesman reports
4 December 2017 - In late 2016, Helen Anders decided to learn Transcendental Meditation (TM). Now, a year later, she writes in the Austin American-Statesman, 'I sleep better, so I'm in a better mood in the morning. I can more easily deal with rambunctious grandchildren and turbulent airplane rides. I'm more likely to observe annoyance without being a rattled participant . . . . I emerge from a meditation (the standard is two 20-minute meditations a day) feeling invigorated and ready for action, yet calm.' She notes research on heart health benefits of TM, and also comments, 'Why did I choose TM? I was impressed by my brother and his wife, who have meditated since their college days and are the calmest, most self-possessed people I know.' (more)

10 Short Summaries of Top Stories

US review shows pesticides harm threatened salmon, whales
12 January 2018 - Federal scientists have determined that a family of widely used pesticides poses a threat to dozens of endangered and threatened species, including Pacific salmon, Atlantic sturgeon, and Puget Sound orcas. The National Marine Fisheries Service issued its new biological opinion on three organophosphate pesticides -- chlorpyrifos, diazinon, and malathion -- after a yearslong court fight by environmental groups. At the urging of pesticide manufacturers, the Trump administration had sought a two-year delay of a court-ordered deadline to issue the findings by the end of 2017, but it was unsuccessful. ... the use of chlorpyrifos on fruits and vegetables after peer-reviewed academic studies found that even tiny levels of exposure could hinder the development of children's brains. (more)

Increased stress at work linked to higher risk of diabetes
11 January 2018 - Workers who experience an increase in stress on the job over time may be more likely to develop diabetes than their coworkers who don't, a recent study suggests. Researchers examined data on 3,730 petroleum industry workers in China. At the start of the study, none of the workers had diabetes. ... Worldwide, nearly one in 10 adults had diabetes in 2014, and the disease will be the seventh leading cause of death by 2030, according to the World Health Organization. (more)

ADHD drug tied to heart defects in babies
5 January 2018 - Pregnant women who take drugs like Ritalin and Concerta for attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) are more likely than those who don't to have babies with heart deformities and other birth defects, a recent study suggests. Researchers examined data on more than 1.8 million pregnancies in the U.S., including 2,072 women who used methylphenidate (Ritalin, Concerta, Daytrana) and 5,571 who took an amphetamine (Adderall) during their first trimester. ... To assess whether these results were unique to the U.S. or to women on Medicaid, researchers also examined health registry data for more than 2.5 million pregnancies in Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway, and Sweden. (more)

How alcohol damages stem cell DNA and increases cancer risk
3 January 2018 - Drinking alcohol produces a harmful chemical in the body which can lead to permanent genetic damage in the DNA of stem cells, increasing the risk of cancer developing, according to research published on Wednesday [3 January]. ... British scientists used chromosome analysis and DNA sequencing to examine the genetic damage caused by acetaldehyde, a harmful chemical produced when the body processes alcohol. Their findings offered more detail about how alcohol increases the risk of developing 7 types of cancer. . . (more)

US: Michigan scrambles to address chemical contaminants in water
30 December 2017 - While the city of Flint still recovers from a lead-tainted water crisis, Michigan is scrambling to combat potential health risks in other tap water that stem from chemicals long used in firefighting, waterproofing, carpeting, and other products. Per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances, or PFAS, have been detected at military bases, water treatment plants and, most recently, an old industrial dump site for footwear company Wolverine World Wide. The chemicals do not break down easily and can migrate from soil to groundwater. They were used in scores of U.S. industrial applications and have been detected in human and animal blood around the globe. Some studies suggest the chemicals might affect fetal development, disrupt hormonal functions, damage fertility and immune systems, and boost the risk of cancer. (more)

Cigarette smoking during pregnancy linked to ADHD risk in offspring
29 December 2017 - Children born to women who smoke cigarettes during pregnancy, especially when mothers are heavy smokers, are at an increased risk for attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), a new review of medical studies confirms. Mothers who smoked during pregnancy had an overall 60 percent higher risk of having a child with ADHD compared to women who didn't smoke. For mothers who smoked fewer than 10 cigarettes per day, the risk of having a child who developed ADHD was 54 percent higher than for nonsmoking mothers. For mothers who were heavier smokers, the risk was 75 percent higher than for nonsmokers. (more)

Reuters Special Report: In a hospital ward in Yemen, the collapse of a nation
29 December 2017 - After three years of warfare, cholera, and hunger, Yemen faces a new battle: In the past four months, doctors across the country have recorded at least 380 cases of diphtheria, a bacterial disease that last appeared here in 1992. Arishi [Nahla Arishi, chief pediatrician at the al-Sadaqa hospital in the Yemeni port city of Alden], like her country around her, is struggling to cope. Every month, she and her team drip-feed dozens of Yemen's half a million severely malnourished children. Her ward has also treated hundreds of the one million people infected by cholera. (more)

US: California set for New Year's buzz with recreational marijuana sales
29 December 2017 - California adults not content to ring in the New Year with the traditional fizz of champagne can look forward to celebrating with the buzz of marijuana, purchased for the first time from state-licensed retailers of recreational pot. Dozens of newly authorized marijuana stores are due to open for business across California on Jan. 1, launching yet another chapter in America's drug culture and the largest regulated commercial market for cannabis in the United States -- one valued at several billion dollars. (more)

Pot-smoking on the rise among U.S. pregnant women
26 December 2017 - A growing number of pregnant women are using marijuana, and the habit is expanding fastest among teens and young adults, a U.S. study suggests. Some previous research suggests that prenatal marijuana exposure may impair fetal growth and neurodevelopment. Although results from screening in Northern California might not reflect rates of drug use in other parts of the study, the trend is still alarming, [said Dr. Marcel Bonn-Miller, a researcher at the University of Pennsylvania Perelman School of Medicine in Philadelphia who wasn't involved in the study]. 'The more we study cannabis use during pregnancy, the more we are realizing how harmful it can be,' Bonn-Miller added. (more)

US: California preps for marijuana-infused fare, from wine to tacos
26 December 2017 - Move over, pot brownies. The world's largest legal recreational marijuana market kicks off Monday [1 January 2018] in California, and the trendsetting state is set to ignite the cannabis culinary scene. Cannabis-laced dinners with celebrity chefs at private parties have flourished across Los Angeles, San Francisco, and San Diego in recent years, but a medical marijuana card was required to attend. With that requirement gone, the edibles market is expected to boom, though manufacturers face a host of regulations, and doctors fear the products could increase emergency room visits and entice youth. Marijuana industry analysts predict edibles for the recreational marijuana market will top $100 million in sales in 2018. (more)

Global Good News reviews the impact of Maharishi's Transcendental Meditation on health

Raising health standards is a global challenge which transcends national, racial, and gender boundaries. With rising health costs threatening the economies of even the wealthiest nations, medical news repeatedly demonstrates the urgent need for a prevention-oriented approach which looks beyond specific treatments for disease to promoting good health in a holistic way.

Current health news also illustrates the inextricable relationship between individual health and the collective health of society.

Global Good News presents health news for today that looks beyond the current fragmentary and incomplete approach to health care, highlighting positive health news based on approaches that incorporate holistic knowledge of Natural Law.

Global Good News focuses on positive health news in the fields of both individual and collective health, including health news articles relating to the programmes of the Global Country of World Peace. These scientifically-validated technologies derived from the world's most ancient and complete system of natural health care, have been revived in recent decades as Maharishi's Vedic Total Knowledge Based Approach to Health. These technologies include approaches to promoting good health for the mind, body, behaviour, and environment.

Recent health news on this comprehensive system centres on its unique technologies of consciousness—Maharishi's Transcendental Meditation and Transcendental Meditation Sidhi Programme. Scientific research on these techniques comprises more than 600 studies conducted at over 250 independent universities and research institutions in 33 countries. These studies demonstrate a wide range of benefits for individual and collective health, and have appeared in many leading, peer-reviewed journals.

For example, in recent years, a multi-centre medical research team in America has attracted grants totalling over $24 million, principally from the US National Institutes of Health, for research on Transcendental Meditation and prevention of cardiovascular disease. These investigations have been published in prestigious medical journals such as American Journal of Cardiology, Archives of Internal Medicine, American Journal of Hypertension, Stroke, and Hypertension. Results show that Transcendental Meditation leads to sustained reductions in high blood pressure comparable to those commonly found with medication, but without adverse side-effects.

These and other well-controlled studies further demonstrate that Transcendental Meditation reduces atherosclerosis ('hardening of the arteries'), improves cardiac functioning and well-being in people with heart disease, reduces mortality from cardiovascular disease and all causes, decreases hospital admissions and health care costs, reduces smoking and alcohol consumption, and improves psychological health and well-being in both children and adults, including elderly people.

A growing number of physicians worldwide recommend Transcendental Meditation to their patients. The website: sponsored by The American Association of Physicians Practicing the Transcendental Meditation Program', provides an opportunity to ask questions of leading doctors who utilize Transcendental Meditation in their clinical practice.

In offering these Vedic technologies to the world, Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, Founder of the Global Country of World Peace, has revolutionized our understanding of health and established development of higher states of consciousness as fundamental to the creation of perfect health.

In reporting on health news, Global Good News is pleased to note indications of growing interest in the applications of TM and the TM-Sidhi Programme among major health-care providers and policy makers.

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